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Fire and Earth

A Zuko/Toph Community

Fire and Earth: A Zuko and Toph Community
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So you like the relationship of Prince Zuko and Toph Bei Fong from Avatar: The Last Airbender, eh? Well, congrats! So do I!

Rules (yes there are rules so listen up!)
1. Be nice.
2. No bashing other characters or the couple itself. If you hate Zuko/Toph and/or Avatar: The Last Airbender, why are you even here?
3. The only couple (involving Zuko and/or Toph) will be Zuko/Toph. Not Zutara or Tophaang or etc. You can still like them but post at your own risk. However any other non Zuko/Toph couples are welcome.
4. No profanity. I don't want people cursing all over the place! If your story/pic/etc. already has curse words, it's okay. But try not to, okay?
5. If posting more than three icons, spoilers, stories, fan art, pics, etc. put them under an lj-cut
6. Most importantly, have fun!

I have a three strike system if you break ANY of the rules. First time you get a warning, second offense you get a temporary banning and third time, YOU ARE OUT!

The maintainers are rixas (me, creator of the community) and dungeonwriter (in charge of the writing contests stuffs). I am currently searching for someone who is good at layouts and icons and other stuffs. If you like the Zuko/Toph pairing and is good with making layouts and/or icons, let me know!

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Want to affiliate? Email me or dungeonwriter!